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Carmen's Routine

My Morning Routine, winter edition                

As a person who has had many challenges with my skin (acne, discolouration, keratosis pilaris, etc.), TRUST me when I say “I’ve been there”.  Right now, my skin is quite lovely and it has a lot to do with my current routine. Full disclosure, I intermittently add prescription creams to my routine, mainly for my cystic acne (Finacea, azelaic acid) and keratosis pilaris (Retin A), however it is the sweet products that I will discuss below that truly allow my skin to heal and glow. Also, I recently had a Microdermabrasion & Ultrasound Facial and ya, my skin is AMAZING as a result…this procedure is a welcome addition to My Routine (I will have it done every 3 months).

My winter mornings:
I always try to dry brush each morning before jumping in the shower. Due to my keratosis pilaris, I have been an avid exfoliator and dry brushing is my go to. It takes like 5 minutes and it wakes up my skin.

I wash my hair daily (shampoo and conditioner) and so ya, my scalp can get really dry. I have tried so many shampoos that claim to give volume and be gentle on my scalp and so many have been huge disappointments. Currently, I am using the Sisters line and I LOVE IT! I have used the Living Libations line and now will alternate between the 2 brands.

When I get out of the shower, I gently wipe down my body and then while my body is still damp, I moisturize, like seriously moisturize! I use Shea Butter and put is EVERYWHERE including back, underarms and feet (try to moisturize your feet before putting on socks for soft, fresh feet). I also put some on my lips as a kind of mask.

In the morning, I wash my face with the Herb essntials cleansing oil . First, your face should be dry, just 2 pumps and then lather and massage it all over, including your neck and chest and then just a light rinse and then a gentle pat dry.

I do not use toner as I want to keep the oil residue on my face. I then add my love! Love Rosa . This is my jam! It will forever be a staple in my routine! I take the tip of my finger nail to gather some product, then emulsify in my hands and then gently rub and press into my face, neck and chest.

I ALWAYS USE SUNSCREEN! ALWAYS! ALL DAY, EVERY DAY! It is truly my secret to good skin! I have tried so many and used La Roche Posay Anthelios for years and years. I recently switched to CCC by Cle (light) and ya, this is now my jam! I LOVE IT!  It provide light coverage in terms of a tint so it is also my ‘make up’.

I finish my ‘make up’ look with some Noto stain on my cheeks and lips, add some more Love Rosa (half the amount as I use when moisturizing) to seal, set and provide a finishing glow.

Throughout the day I will spritz Penny Francis Lavender & violet aromatic tonic with Himalayan pink salt on my face and hair to give myself a little pick me up!



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