I am your friend

I am your friend who will tell you that you are wearing the wrong bra. I will lecture, harangue and pontificate about the importance of wearing a good bra at dinner parties, in front of your brother, to your boss. I have no shame. I am a crusader. You must not feel bad about spending money on a good bra, especially if you wear one everyday.


I have always been a fan of French bras, for their prettiness, support and quality. But lately I’ve been having a harder time finding a bra with no underwire, a bra with a more natural shape but that still has support and coverage.  There are plenty of pretty little flimsy triangles out there, with names like “bralette” (or what we called training bras back in the day) but what about if you need real support?  I recommend you try Fortnight bras. These are the bras I have been seeking: full coverage, a wider band under the cups for that extra support, nice lace and mesh options, high waisted panties to match. I have both the Mira Longline and the Luna Longline bras.


These bras are extremely comfortable, look sexy in a hot 1950’s housewife way, provide good support and come in at a price point way below most of the French brands I have been wearing. As an added bonus they are made in Canada!  They are not seamless, so be warned before you put it on under a tight t-shirt. But these are now my everyday bras. They feel like cool grown-up bras that still have some humour and glamour to them. Highly recommended!


Fiona Curtis