Nucifera’s The Balm says it can do a lot...

Nucifera’s The Balm says it can do a lot.: from general moisturizing to hair care to acting as a shaving cream to transforming into deodorant. But there are only so many hours in the day for applying lotions and potions and I couldn’t try them all but here is what I can tell you after using  The Balm for one week.


It’s a hell of a moisturizer.  Sort of like coconut oil in texture, it absorbs quickly (no need to stand around naked waiting until it’s safe to get dressed). Ordinarily I find body oils great to start but not long lasting (I have very thirsty skin) but this one has kept my skin soft between uses, which is great as we head into the seasonal eczema months. It works especially well for feet and cuticles; honestly, my nails have never looked better. As for other bold claims: I tried it on my hair (use sparingly), I used it as a make-up remover (not great), and lastly I tried it as a shaving cream (A+). That last one I was skeptical about, but I am a total convert.


A big thumbs-up for this product. I have sensitive skin so I wouldn’t use it on my face, but for the body this is a really great smelling all-purpose moisturizer. I might even like it better than the Goe oil (sacrilege!) A little goes a long way, and a jar will definitely see you through a long prairie winter.

Fiona Curtis