Living Libations

Hydrating Silicone Reusable Sheet Mask

$20 CAD

Use this mask weekly for years to come. Turn any of  your facial products into hydrating facial masks. This mask stops your products from drying out as soon as you apply, making the products more hydrating and effective  

‘Super-juice your skin care with the Hydrating Silicone Sheet Mask. The Silicone Mask turns oils and serums into extra-effectual elixirs and face-gracing facials for every type, tissue, and issue.

This soft, supple silicone mask helps you refresh, nourish, and revive your visage, efficiently and tidily. The non-slip, contoured design lets you sit back and relax or get on with your life while you sustain your skin with your favorite facial. Non-porous silicone locks in the dewy flower-power and endless emollients of your favorite Libations to invoke your inner glow.

It is super simple to use: apply a facial serum or oil, Libations pearl powder, honey or AHA mask to your skin, wrap the silicone sheet mask over your face, wait for 10-15 minutes, and voila!, radiant skin. The non-adhesive mask has loops that fasten around the ears to hold the mask— and your favorite facial — in place.’

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