Josh Rosebrook

Complete Moisture Cleanse

$58 CAD

Rather than stripping skin, this delicate, pH balanced cleanser maintains moisture while gently clearing dirt, bacteria and imbalanced oil. Enriched with potent herbal actives (including raspberry leaf and goji berry) and rich plant oils (including argan and jojoba oils) this lightly lathering cleanser offers antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, helping to calm, renew and preserve the skin’s protective acid mantle barrier.

It’s no wonder Josh Rosebrook’s luscious organic, wild-crafted skin care has become the green, clean go-to for the skin-savvy

A beautifully balanced, delicate cleanser that cleans while maintaining moisture, Josh Rosebrook’s Complete Moisture Cleanse is the perfect way to start your skin care regime. PH balanced and rich in natural actives, the formula develops into a light lather, clearing dirt, bacteria and imbalanced oil for a gentle, moisturising cleanse.

Aloe vera gel, honey and sea buckthorn hydrate, soften and soothe skin, while argan and jojoba oils moisturise and raspberry leaf tones and brightens. Alongside this, turmeric, goji berry and liquorice brighten, also supporting collagen production to keep your complexion plump and youthful.

With antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, the cocktail of nourishing natural ingredients calm and renew skin, helping to preserve the protective acid mantle barrier for long-term protection. Like the entire Josh Rosebrook range, this product is crafted from a combination of natural, largely organic and wild-crafted ingredients.


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