Binu Binu

Shampoo / body soap & Travel Case Set Cream

$19 CAD $57 CAD

A minimalist, all-in-one approach to bathing on-the-go. the head-to-toe soap bar is formulated to gently cleanse the hair and body with an aromatic blend of lavender, sage and rosemary essential oils, naturally cleansing clays, and conditioning rice bran oil. Comes in our bespoke biodegradable travel case, made from bamboo and natural plant-based resins, for a light footprint in your travel bag and for the earth.

Directions: Lather hair and body and rinse thoroughly with water. If desired, follow up with a hair rinse made from 1:4 apple cider vinegar/water solution for extra shine, and rinse again. Dry the soap before storing in the travel case.

Choose from either Shampoo & Travel Case Set or Shampoo Refill Only*

*Shampoo bar refill comes in minimal glassine packaging with no label


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