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Nano C B D Tincture - 300mg

$90 CAD

Sunnyside is the industry trailblazer for water-based NANO C B D, being the first to bring it to the Canadian Market in 2019. By shrinking the C BD  particle down 400% we make it small enough to to fit amongst water molecules, making it 4-7x more bioavailable than C BD  Oil. Our customers love NANO  because of its versatility and efficiency. Drop into your morning coffee, shake, or pre/post workout drink for quick relief of muscle stiffness, soreness, and other body ailments. Interested in micro dosing? Dilute product into your water bottle for a convenient and discreet dose throughout the day.

Usage: Drop desired dosage into your shake, coffee, water, or even food! To start, try a 5-10mg dose twice daily, with gradual increases in order to find your ideal dosage. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 60 days. Shake well prior to each use. Product intended for ages 19+.Vegan friendly, non-GMO.

Nano Drops are Here!

Nano-Emulsified C B D  is a new, patent-pending technology that shrinks C B D down many many times smaller, increasing some of its benefits. One of which: It makes it water-soluble, so, we've diluted the concentration in distilled water, instead of MCT oil.

The benefit: Our Nano Drops are ideal to drop into your morning coffee or shake, protein shakes for the gym, or even water throughout the day!

Our Nano CBD is up to 95% Bio-Available, even if ingested like an edible- unlike your typical C  B D oil, which is about 9% efficient if the dose is consumed in an edible/ beverage. 


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