Menstrual Cup

$36 CAD
Size A is for women who haven’t given birth vaginally.
Size B is for women who have given birth vaginally.
Simply fold the soft medical grade silicone cup and insert. OrganiCup will unfold and be secured in place by a light vacuum. After ~12 hours, remove and empty into the toilet. Rinse and repeat. Easy. 



Every beginning can be difficult – including trying a menstrual cup for the first time. However we can assure you, there’s nothing to fear.

Here are five simple steps on how to use a menstrual cup:


1. Sterilize the cup 

Before the first use, sterilize the cup in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.


2. Fold and insert the folded cup

There are many ways to fold the cup, we recommend the Punch Down fold and the C-fold. Once the entire cup is inside of you, simply let it pop open.  


3. Check if the cup is unfolded

Reach in and feel around the base of the cup – it should feel round or oval and not have any noticeable folds. If you feel any dents, gently grip the base of the cup (not the stem) and rotate it to make it unfold.


4. Remove the menstrual cup

Pull slightly on the stem while using your abdominal muscles to push the OrganiCup downwards until you can reach the base. 

Give the base of the cup a pinch to release the suction and ease it out. Avoid removing your menstrual cup by pulling the stem as this might cause discomfort.


5. Empty and re-insert. 

It may take you a few days or a few periods to become comfortable with the cup. Experiment with different folding and insertion techniques – and don’t worry, you’ll soon become a dedicated cup convert!

Here you will find out what you need to know about using a menstrual cup. 




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